National Tire and Battery Locations

A wide variety of automotive services are available at the hundreds of NTB locations throughout the U.S. Customers can find the nearest NTB store by using the convenient store locator option on the NTB website. Most services are available to people who walk into any one of the locations. Customers may wait for their vehicles while enjoying complimentary coffee and TV. For more complicated automotive repairs, customers may make appointments with specialty mechanics.

Not Just Tires and Batteries
All National Tire and Battery locations feature multiple services aside from selling quality tires and batteries. Mechanics also perform oil and filter changes and check and change or replace other essential fluids like brake fluids, coolants and transmission fluids. They balance and rotate tires and perform front end alignments as well. Mechanics are also able to replace worn windshield wipers and wiper fluid along with the bulbs in headlights and taillights. When store managers do not have the correct bulb in stock, they can order it and contact the customer when it arrives.

Local NTB Stores Maintain Records on each Vehicle
The management at all NTB locations keeps detailed records on file in their computer systems for every customer’s vehicle. The computer records allow mechanics to keep up with important information about vehicles such as how many miles are on the tires, the last time tires were balanced and rotated, the type of oil the vehicle uses, the date of the last oil change and a wide array of other vehicle information that help the mechanics at all NTB locations keep every customer’s vehicle in tip top shape.

Quality Products at Competitive Prices
All National Tire and Battery locations offer coupons and special deals on a regular basis. Some of the highest quality tires are available at some of the most competitive prices. NTB stores will even email local customers coupons along with information about other special offers. The tire experts at NTB can advise customers on when to get new tires, what kind to purchase for each vehicle, how much air to keep in them, when they need to be balanced and rotated and other helpful tips on how to properly take care of the tires in order to get the most mileage out of them. When customers purchase tires from NTB, they are entitled to free front end alignments as needed for the life of the tires.

Adequate Fluids Essential for Proper Vehicle Maintenance
Most vehicle maintenance can be handled at any of the NTB locations. Fluid checks done on a regular basis absolutely extend the life of a vehicle. Consistent oil changes will keep the vehicle running smoothly and keep the engine cleaner. Maintaining coolants at appropriate levels keeps the radiator in good shape and prevents the vehicle from overheating. Engines that stay too hot for prolonged periods can be damaged beyond repair. Maintaining adequate brake fluids is important for driver and passenger safety and to help get the maximum use out of a set of brakes. Adequate fluid keeps the transmission functioning properly, which is important since replacing a transmission can be extremely expensive.

Many basic services are available at NTB locations nationwide. Drivers may take care of most regular vehicle maintenance issues at their local National Tire and Battery store either by appointment or by walking in at their convenience. NTB stores have weekend and weekday hours for maximum customer convenience.

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